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FitKid Adventures
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Physical & emotional wellness for kids and kids at heart.

Get fit. Have fun!

What we do


Your voice is magical!

Our original songs teach emotional learning in a soothing and accessible way, helping to develop an awareness and understanding of why we feel what we feel.

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We like to move it, move it! Let's shake our bodies and groove to the music. We'll strike a pose and dance our way through the day. Do you feel your heart beating to the sound of the drum!?

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I breathe in, I breathe out.

By being mindful, we can begin to notice what we're thinking and how we're feeling. All we have to do is pay attention to this moment.

Right here, right now.

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What we create


We're beyond excited to announce that our first book The Weather Inside will be released Fall 2023!


We write fun, meaningful, catchy original tunes that are fun for the whole family. Sing It Out!

will be released

Winter 2023


We're in the process of filming interactive and educational clips you can watch wherever you are! Videos will be released weekly and teach mindfulness tools in a fun way.

Live events

Let's get together!

As social creatures, we thrive in community and can learn so much when we share time together. Especially while having fun!

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About us

Mindfulness and emotional awareness are essential to learning, growing, and understanding what to do with our emotions - especially when they show up in a big way! At FKA, we teach kids how to process and regulate feelings, and equip them with the tools necessary to do so. While it's perfectly healthy to feel all the feels (we still feel them too!) it's important to learn how to navigate and surf the waves as they arise. This aspect of emotional intelligence includes both heart and mind.

Whether we’re creating books, music or live shows, we aim to incorporate helpful tools to explore our emotions in a safe, supported, and caring way. At FKA, we’re deeply interested in understanding what we feel, why we feel, and how to feel it all in a healthy way.

Rachel is the founder of FitKid Adventures, a program dedicated to physical and emotional wellness for children. As a teacher and musician with over 10+ years experience, she incorporates the tools and knowledge required to create fun, inclusive content and programming for young audiences. When teaching, Rachel integrates music as a way of joyfully engaging with movement, and mindfulness games to practice emotional regulation in a playful way.

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10+ years of teaching music, movement & mindfulness

Our experience

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10,500+ classes taught across 5 countries

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12+ years of education in movement, psychology, child development and the arts

Let's Connect!

For more information or to register for Mini Musicians,

please contact Rachel:

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada